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Hey all,

I have bought a alder strat style body that is made up of like 3 pieces of wood. I want to put a maple top on it. I have never done this before or used a maple veneer so i really have no idea. On the side of the body it is very curved, how do i go about fixing the top to this? Will it work? I have seen the tutorial but it is on a guitar with fairly perpendicular edges. Also are there many Aussies here? I need to know where you get your guitar parts from. I saw on Universal Jems Maple tops, they dont cost alot of money, but i dont know how fragile they are and how well they would travel from where ever they are coming from.

Thanks for your time,


benno :D

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Hi Benno,

What you will need is something called a vacuum clamp. Basically, it is a large plastic bag with all the air sucked out it, thus providing constant pressure across the entire surface. You can find them advertised on the web.

BTW: The reality is a bit more complex than I explained above.

Guitar Ed

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