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Anyone know this site


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I came across this...it has pretty ok prices on some of gibsons stuff but what looks like really good prices on dimarzios (are these good prices???)


and there's free shipping on orders over $100 (not hard to do with PU's)

Are these guys trustworthy or should I look elsewhere...

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hmmm free shipping is pretty tempting, wonder if that even applies to :D

well the site looks fairly legit at a glance, i know there's more then a few dimarzio dealers on the web, so my feeling would be you'd be ok, but no, i've never heard or dealt with them before....

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Yeah free shipping and prices that beat the dealers over here even with the exchange...

Unfortunately they don't ship to Canada...I asked :-(

I did get a quick response though just over 24 hours so it might not be too bad

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