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neck nut question


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ive mostly seen hard materials, such as hard plastics and bone for the nut of the neck.

i know a little about metal maching and sometimes they use exotic materials instead of metals for high stress and movement areas. ex.- on a slide that goes back and forth on a table, instead of making it out of aluminum and getting 3months life out of it they use products like Acetal which are teflon injected nylon based materials.

they machine just like metal, but instead of chips they produce slivers, so the have a plastic like property to them, have a greater weight than that of aluminum and are not flexible like nylon is.

cool thing about them is that the more you rub them or the hotter they get the more lubricant they put out, not like drip out but have an oily feel to them.

think this could be used as an application for a nut or what?

lets hear your suggestions!


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well when the time comes i will definately get some. its dirt cheap too, figuring your using so small of an amout it cant be over 0.50$ worth of material. i dont think the string would move enough to make it produce a lubricant, bit its naturally slippy and i think thats all that matters.

your right, cant tell unless you do it!


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