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so whats up with tung oil

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I liked the natural look. I already have a black gibson explorer, and was looking for something different. After I got the guitar I didn't think I'd be able to get it back to natural. I was actually planning on cutting out a chrome diamond plate top for it. I tried a bit of stripper (that really heavy stuff from the infomercials!) and it pulled the primer coats right off, so I did the entire guitar.

The natural wood looked good to me (minus the big cut down the middle), so I was just going to clear coat the guitar. Then I read a few things, and saw a few guitars with a similar finish. And since I really don't have a place to do much laquer painting (I'd send it to a paint shop to have it done), I though I'd give it a whirl.

I'm going to finish the Flying V I'm working on now the same way (twins! er... sort of). I'm planning on building an entire explorer from scratch (instead of a restoration) for the next axe, which will have some sort of clear-over graphic envolved. That probably won't happen until fall or so.

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