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Passive/Active hybrid


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yes it is possible, i've done it before it's kind of interesting, if you want to have both pickups working at the same time in the middle position you'll need a pre amp booster (sold by emg) for the passive pickup, otherwise just wire up like normal and only use positions 1 & 3 on a 3 way switch (positions 1 & 5 on a 5 way). If you look around emg's site i know there have at least a couple solutions and schematics for this exact question.

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if you have a super hot pickup you dont' need a booster.

like an x2n

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I really wonder what the sound is like when an active and a passive pickup is combined in the middle. I want something extreme; for example, emg 81 and Seymour Duncan Jazz.

Is coil splitting possible? I think you can't split active pickups?

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