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reranch sanding question


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from reranch its how to sand sealer but doesn't say dry or wet or what grain of sand paper any ideas?

"next apply a high solid content sand and sealer product. Parks Corporation makes a nitrocellulose product which fills this requirement nicely. The application is simple as the sealer can be brushed on. Brush on the first coat and allow to dry for a few minutes. When the surface is flat (non reflective) a second coat can be brushed on. Allow this double coat to dry at least an hour (I usually wait overnight). When dry the coats can be block sanded flat. I suggest that this sanding be done in an area where dust is not a concern. You will see why when you begin sanding. I also suggest that you wear a mask. When this two coat application has been sanded flat (no shiny spots) wipe down with a dry cloth, inspect again for shiny spots and repeat."

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