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New shop photos!

Lex Luthier

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This used to be my bedroom, until I adopted my sister's old bedroom, and decided to turn my old room into a full blown workshop.

Drillpress and workbench. The drummers stool you can see is a nice little seat, I find.


Here you can see my router table, air cleaner and bandsaw.


This is a shelf I flipped upsidedown and fastened to the wall right under the closet shelf, giving me an extra shelf. I also added a board that has all my rulers and nut slotting files and saws hanging.


Here is an old desk I converted into a workbench. I love how everything is now so organized.


Here is my router table, along with my templates which are now hanging.


Here is the old downstairs shop as it now looks.


This is my new Bandsaw! :D I'm getting the height attachment riser in a week or so. My sister's boyfriend will be getting my old 8" bandsaw.


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My virgin eyes!!! :D You got some.. umm interesting pics in your shop B) So how much do you estimate all that stuff cost you? And does that dust collector do a good job, because i can easily see that room becoming covered with dust and very hard to breathe in.

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i can easily see that room becoming covered with dust and very hard to breathe in.

That's why I bought it. B)

In a rough estimate I'd say I have over $3000 :D worth of tools in both rooms, plus I still have my eye on a thickness sander, jointer and second router. :D

Yeah, it used to be my bedroom, and I feel my new room looks more mature without half naked woman all over the walls.

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Did you make the templates with a scroll saw? If not, how did you go about making them?

Cut them out on my bandsaw, then sanding on the outer edges and filing on the inner edges.

Here's a new spindle sander I just got today, it was $80 off, so I though it was a great time to pick one up.


I'm also looking at a second router and jointer.

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