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tone knob question


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I have one volume pot and two tone pots on my strat copy w/ bridge humbucker. why don't the tone knobs work? it's connected and everything, but when I roll them down to zero, I barely hear any difference. do I need a different capacitor or new pots? same is with the volume knob, except the volume stays same until I reach like 2 and it volume shuts off very quickly after that.

also, does anyone know what the two tone knobs control? are they assigned to different pickups or something?


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not an expert at this but i might can help......

what kind of taper pots did you get? like audio, linear, ect

different pots have differnt fade offs and ons (bad terminology). ill try to find a graph. maybe you got one that had a sudden drop off at the beginning?


thats an audio taper i think.

cant find a graph but a linear taper would look like this:


=        /   =

=      /     =

=    /       =

=  /         =

=/           =


yes, you can marvel at my graph anytime. :D


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Is it a Vantage? If so then then Tone pots on mine didn't do anything either. I've opted for the rip them out and try again approach. Riped them out and now I'm waiting for money to put some back in again :D

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The volume pot should be logarithmic and the tone pots should be linear. The tone pots only affect the middle and neck pickups (on a regular strat, don't know much about humbucker versions...).

Log pots are often marked with a 'B' somwhere (like B10k), and linear ones with an 'A' (A10k).

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