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Paint and pin stipes

Curtis P

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OK, after i get the pickups routed in and all, everything fits and all, then i am going to take it apart again, and paint it, probaly a low gloss white, with flat black pinstripes like the Orignal RR, i will have to find the site with the guitar i am talkin about.

Anyways, how would i do this? what kinda paint do I use? something in an aerosol can? or brush? or does it have to be gun fed?

same for the stripes, the stripes I would probaly do first, just lay out the lines pretty big, then when it dries put a carpenters tape up it how i want the lines to go, and then paint it white? if it is going to be hard, i think i might just paint it all black, not that i aint up for the challenge, but hey, a black guitar always looks good :D

Let me know your thoughts on how to do this



EDIT: here is the link of the guitar i mean, only without the gold pick guard and tail peice 220-big-concours-guitare-jackson-randy-rhoads.jpg


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Laquer isn't a good choice with striping tape, it will tend to soften and lift it. I would either go with an acrylic (yucky paint) or automotive. Problem with laquer is even if you do a couple dust coats, that will help keep later coats from running, but as the solvents soften all previous coats it won't keep the tape from wrinkling.

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I used pinstriping tape to make a 'faux' white binding on my 'Goldie' Tele. It's buried under a few coats of poly. You could use that, but it's kinda pricey and you need a good respirator or fresh air mask...

The pinstripes were done after buffing by using One Shot lettering enamel and striping sword (brush). Freehand striping takes a while to learn, I'm not very good but have fun...the RR guitar's black pinstripes looks like it could be done with the black striping tape, but as LGM sez, you may have issues using lacquer as a clear over it...I know poly will work. Good luck.


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