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Help identify this guitar

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So, I got this guitar off my gf today (copy paste into address bar : http://www.iupload.net/022004/tehguitar.jpg ), and I was wondering some things. 1. What type of guitar is it. 2. The bridge hole looks pretty big. What kind of bridge do I need to get for it? 3. What are the dimensions for a humbucker hole?

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weezerboy Posted on Feb 28 2004, 07:36 PM

  to me it looks like a mosrite

At first glance I thought of Hamer, but the bottom horn is longer than the top......very Mosrite looking. That'd be my guess too. Any neck or headstock to see? The Mosrite headstock looks like -M- (a cutout of an M) on top. That would be the best clue...........

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NO JB WELD (that's only for fixing Duncan JB pickups :D )

Don't be ruled by that hole. Actually , let's say you wanted a "hard-tail" bridge. I think it would end up going right over those 4 screw holes between the bridge pickup rout and that hole for part of the previous bridge assembly. Not 100% on this, tho

Wood would be my first choice to fill that hole with, unless I decided to go with some crazy retro bridge assembly that had part that would cover that hole.

BUT, I'm taking it for granted that the "saddle position" is around those 4 screw holes that I mentioned. You'd have to mount the neck on, measure the scale length and then really find out where on the body the bridge saddles are to be located exactly.

Don't rush into anything. Plan it twice, take the chisel to it once

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I mentioned the "hard tail" (like on a Fender strat, without a tremelo bar on it) before I saw the pics of your bridge parts. That big metal piece fits that hole. see how the holes match the ones in the body around the hole ? Then I'm not sure if the little adjustable bridge in your pic is the one for that body, but I think it can work if it is, or if it isn't.

Scale length: screw the neck to the body, measure from that VERY FIRST fret (right next to the plastic "nut" [with grooves for the strings in it] ) to the 12th fret. then measure the same exact distance from the 12th fret onto the body, That's ABOUT where your bridge saddles will have to be located. If that one smaller bridge part in your pic does indeed somehow match up to those screw holes near the pickup rout, your saddle location work is already done for you.

I'll let some others get their .02 in here now.

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