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SG for me!

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Yer gonna see the wood for sure, thats what bookmatching is all about. I'd NEVER cover up a nice wood grain, thats a crime IMO. I'll do some experimenting with the scraps from when I cut the body. How does this sound? Sand it smoooooth, then stain with Arabian Night blue, then sand it back down so the blue is only in the grain. Then apply clear grain filler and sand smooth. Then stain all over with Golden Glow yellow. Then laquer clearcoat. I had so much success with the Kingfisher blue clothing dye on that old EKO archtop that I'm going to continue using those Dylon clothing dyes.

The hardware is all chrome and still have the Grover full size tuners. Pickups are black Golden Age overwound HB's, and got another Schaller TOM roller bridge. I still have some 16ga. stainless for a pickguard, unless I can buy a proper SG pickguard, but nobody seems to sell them.

Lots of folks think the SG body style is symmetrical but its not. Gotta make a template for this one, thats why I need the printout. Still wondering why Mr. Les Paul wasn't impressed with the SG (solid guitar) body style and refused to have his name put on that guitar in particular. I love those curves, so much like a woman :D .

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mean like this: White/Black/Goldish yellow SG

white,black and goldish yellow SG


PS Yes weezerboy, I did edit it :D


That's not quite what I had in mind... I was thinking of a white body, black knobs, tuners, pickguard and bridge, with, say, a gold switch, and gold pickup rings. That would look awesome (IMO).

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