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new guy needs help

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Hi I am new to the forum, although I have been lurking around on the website for a few months now. I am about to tread into virgin territory with my first guitar build.

I am building a tele style body with a template made from an old 68 Nashville body. I am putting a 1/4 inch quilt top on it and will be rear routing it. It's only getting a single humbucker (or p-90 haven't decided yet) and just a volume knob. (I figured I will keep it simple.)

The neck is an unfinished Washburn neck blank that is one piece with the "skunk stripe" truss rod channel already routed in the curve for the rod. This is where I am going to have a few questions....

First one, can I re-rout the truss channel to accomodate a hot rod truss rod, also is cocobolo a good wood to use to fill the channel. (I got a piece at a good deal)

Second question would be can I fret this neck to any scale, and then rout the neck accordingly, or is the length of the neck already predetermined. :D



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1. That cannot be determined unless you've got the dimensions in the channel that already exists. If the channel is narrower and shallower than a Hot Rod would require (7/32" x 7/16") then the answer is yes. Otherwise, especially if your channel is deeper, you COULD do it, but you might run into truss rattle problems as well as some other things.

2. The length of the neck i would think is already determined. If the fretboard is not slotted, you should be able to slot it and fret it to pretty much any scale you wish. The scale length would then be determined by the distance from the nut to the saddles on the bridge. If you choose to lengthen or shorten your scale, you simply place the bridge at your desired distance. Fret based on the distances for your scale (12th fret should be halfway between nut and bridge).

If someone would post the Fret Calculator for scale lengths, that would be helpful I'm sure, as I need that location as well.

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Woohoo I made a few new decisions as to my guitar. I bought a set of P-90's (just because I never had them before and thought they looked cool.) and I went with a hardtail bridge, and all gold hardware. Hopefully my tele project will look sweet.

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