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Curly maple neck

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I was planning to use a curly maple neck (with Brazilian rosewood fretboard) for my spalted top strat.

I ordered a neck blank a while ago from Stew Mac (the curly maple).

However, it seems it's too weak... I can easily bend it with two hands. I don't recall my other flamed maple necks were so weak .

Carbon rods are not an option for me, so I guess I'd better throw this away.

Anyone with more info on this subject?

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You know, Eastern Hardrock Birdseye Maple (which makes great strong necks BTW) is very commonly marked with long dark mineral streaks.

Look at any offering on e-Bay for Birdseye Maple and 90% of the boards will have mineral streaks in them...some more, some less, but it's hard to find a 100% clear board of that stuff.

And I think that a mineral streaked neck would look (match) *surprisingly* like your Spalted body...you diggin' me here? :D

I wonder if you called Warmoth or USA Customs if they wouldn't have something like that for (maybe) a reduced price, since they'd go out of their way to NOT have mineral streaks in their nice Birdseye necks. They might toss those pieces as inferior, but it would work right into your hand, so to speak...

...Just an idea...

...but a good one. B)

And nothing saying you couldn't buy one of those e-Bay streaked boards to make your 'board out of, so the entire guitar would 'match', with the odd light/dark figuring/pattern/motif of the Spalt material continuing right into the mineral streaked/stained/disfigured Birdseye neck.

Then you could also make a pickguard out of the same mineral streaked Bird Maple material to bring the two looks together.

Then you could buy those SC pkps that have birdseye covers. :D

hehehe... :D

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hahaha, I can hear you Drak, but I'm too impatient to wait for another neck blank coming in from the US.

This Stew Mac neck blank is beautiful, all I am worried about is it's strenght.

Here's two pics. as you can see it's not birdseye, but flamed.. Stew Mac sells them as "Curly".



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Are CF rods ruled out because of availability or something else?

A Martin style trussrod epoxied into the neck will add a good deal of stiffness. Where you planning a skunkstripe and traditional compression rod? If so you could use ebony or any other very stiff wood for the stripe, though peghead flex might still be an issue...

Eitherway, you *can* work around this, and that flame is far to pretty for firewood!

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I'll use a LMII style trussrod and Brazilian rosewood fretboard, no skunkstripe. I love my necks huge. the full 1" at the 12th fret and about 0.900" at the nut.

I don't want to use CF rods because it takes alot of wood away, other than that 'll have to order a special router bit.

I can buy a nice flame neck blank here in Holland for about $40, that'd be cheaper than order CF rods in the US.

I just think it's kinda weird.. Stew Mac sells these as neck blanks.. It's just quite alot less stiff than my other necks.

Maybe I'll just take the risk and finish this neck...

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