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I cant find a 7 string original floyd rose

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actually i'm moving over to www.dreamlandguitars.com as we speak, hopefully the new site will be a bit more google friendly,


Funny thing though, tried to get dreamland.com, but some porn site has it as a redirect page, they won't sell either :D

I try to provide as much info and the best prices i can B)

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Derek stocks all the Floyd Rose hardware you need, plus he is a nice bloke and his prices are excellent. :DB):D:D

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actually i just got a couple of them in, they're pretty nice, a bit beefier then the original and pro's, i was actually quite impressed and i'm thinking about trying one out on a guitar soon, although i have not yet.

yes you have to order different sets of strings for different scale length's but the units come with 2 sets of either 24.75" or 25.5" scale strings. currently i don't know if they're going to put out 25", i hope they do :D

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What about 27"??? And does this thing handle low tunings well?

i'm pretty sure they're only doing gibson and fender scales right now...\


i imagine it handles drop tunnings just aswell as the other floyds, but again, i haven't feild tested the unit myself yet. If you look on the page though they do sell 11's and 13's for drop tunning down to C or so....

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