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EQ built in


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Here's the idea:

A 7 band EQ, slide pots, center detent (a la Danelectro fish and chips), wired into a bass guitar.

Of course, it would be coolest to build this circuit myself, but that would require more skill than I have. So:

Does anyone know where to find diagrams for this circuit, and

Would it work just to buy a danelectro, take it out of its case, and stick it in my bass?

Any help... well, helps!

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for help with graphical EQ's i found these sites



im sorting out all the stuff i need to build a graphical EQ stomp pedal and i have a design for a custom one. 8 band graphical and 2 parametric EQ controls for the bass and mids. if you gimme a couple days i could make a shcematic image on paint or summat and put it up somewhere with a description of how it all works

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