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Multi piezo elements vs. Preamp


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Hey all -

Just looking for a little insight on two possibilities im thinking about. Righ now I have an acoustic saddle pickup that I want to integrate under the fixed bridge of my project guitar (thinline tele). The single saddle piezo pickup wont be that hot to begin with, plus its not really located optimally under a fixed solidbody bridge. I had been planning on using this preamp kit:


But now Im wondering if I should forget the preamp and just buy two or four piezo buzzers and wire them up togather. I assume these would be wired in parallel to reduce resistance, right? Would this be hot enough to keep up with my dimarzio HB in the neck pos? Do you think it would simply sound like crap? I know the only way to really tell is to try.

Any suggestions?



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i have used multiple ones and found that anything more than two per string didnt' do anything different to my ears.. still needed a preamp. but i found a jfet one that will work on like 3v lithium button cell or say an n cell battery..


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You know, maybe I should try something like this to drive my hex drivers...hmmm

Has anyone cut up the buzzers and put them under the individual saddles of a strat?

I'm hoping to get six signals of coarse...or s this not practical


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