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Gotoh Strat type trem...


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I've come across a Gotoh Strat Type trem in a secondhand store today... its boxed and has never been used and the asking price is 20 pounds. Is this a good price for this unit? I was thikning of getting it for a future project but dont really have any experience with Gotoh! Its a nice looking unit though...

Anyways any help or informations most appreciated as always!



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Guest AlexVDL

Well Gotoh makes the hardware for Ibanez, so go figure :D

Even the lo pro edge tremolo is made by Gotoh!

Gotoh makes high quality producs, so the quality of the trem is good.

But personally I wouldn't want to get a strat tremolo even if I get paid for it :D

If you don't like floyd rose tremolo's I would go for a wilkinson, but that's my opinion.

If you don;t use the trem, but only as a bridge, than it's very stable if you put on 5 springs and turn the 2 screws way into the wood. B)


P.S. I think 20 is fair... but look around on the internet for prices of new units and second hand ones.

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really? I didnt know that they made the ibanez stuff! I was actually just going to use it for a workhorse project that would reliably stay in tune to be honest. I myself do prefer the locking trems but can find it a pain to constantly tune them ( I can be very lazy ). So yeah but thanks for that anyways... I still think I'll get it as it sounds like a bit of a bargain. But no i wouldnt actually be using it for vibrato. Just a fixed bridge.

Thanks alex :D

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