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hi all, im not sure i can tackle a refret

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Hi all, I have always wanted a fretless bass. I thought it would be a nice thing to have and I want to train my ears better. I was bidding on Ebay and low and behold I wound up winning 2 auctions. One bass is a Japanese Fender Jazz Bass without fret lines. Just a beautiful Rosewood neck with no lines and or Dot markers anywhere. I love the way it looks so Im 99 percent sure Im going to be keeping that one. The other one I had hoped someone would outbid me but on but no one did so I wind up winning both. Ok here is a Link to the one I want to inquire about refretting. I have read the tutorials and I just dont think I am quite ready to try and tackle something like this. First off the man is being super nice about this auction. He says its not something he needs to sell right away, hes giving me time to read up on refretting, etc... or to find out if someone would be willing to do it for me. I am not sure if I should go ahead and buy this bass and try to have it refretted or just get another bass with frets. So thats what brought me here. Ok, first off do you guys think its a good enough deal as is to try and get refretted. I dont need a third bass, but I did like the way it looked. Secondly, without having it in hand to look at, can you tell in the picutre if it looks like an easy job or not. Thirdly, I know I dont have access to the tools and a shop to do this, would anyone on here be willing to do the job and or point me in the right direction to find someone. And finally, how much does a refret run, or more importantly, If im asking quotes what would be a fair quote. Thanks for any and all advice up front, and feel free to add anything else that I might have not known to ask. I would appreciate it. If it can be refretted for a reasonable cost I dont want to opt out of this bass, Im just thankful the guy is a good ebayer and giving me that option to find out about all of this.



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yea im open to anything, thats why i started looking on the net to see if it was something i could maybe do on my own, but i doubt i could pull it off, i dont have the tools or the shop to do it in, yea sure, sorry im rather new around here, who is this again???

and mind you i dont have this bass yet, guy said he would give me till Fri to decide, hes being really nice about it

edit silly me, you gave me a link


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talked to soapbarstrat, he said in his opinion he would not do the job because of the jig he uses and the fact this neck has no frets, so im deciding to opt out of it and not buy the guitar after all, thanks for all the suggestions guys

appreciate it, take care, good luck with all the projects and have a great day



someone please close this and the other thread


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