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Loose Neck Pocket

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Ok, so decided to buy a replacement neck for a body i had laying around and it fits but is pretty loose. I was wondering if theres anyway i could fix this and have a tight neck joint? Im open to all suggestions even filling up the neck pocket and re routing, but would this work? Thanks!

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If the neck has holes in it already, then the centerline is irrelevant so long as it lines up the way you have it. In other words, some neck pockets are loose on one side and hug the other side. Then you'd want to glue veneer to just one side. Even if both sides are loose, or you haven't drilled yet so you want equal addition to both sides, I still would say to glue and clamp veneer in there on either side and shave away what you need to. You might make custom glueing cauls that have the little 1/2" radius in them at the base of the neck pocket. When I did one instead of veneer I used the same wood from the body blank, and lined up the grain pretty close. It was about 1/4" thick so I could really re-route the edge once it was in, rather than try to shave off a little bit. I cut the curve of the neck pocket into the piece, so it followed around into the turn. On that guitar, I made it for one neck, then changed my mind, only to find out the new one was much thinner. I was so mad! But it was worth it. Plus its a sunburst so now you can't really tell whether it was the same piece. I could've used zebrawood and it wouldn't have mattered!

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