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painting over pickups

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This is taken from Brian's "Painting Tips N Tricks" tutorial,

Painting pickups:

I have had limited experience here but I will tell you of one success story. I used acrylic artist paints which are flexible even when dry to paint the missing part of the pattern found on a Jem FP. It looked pretty cool because it gave the illusion of the pickups disappearing into the body." But i would assume and EMG would be easiest to paint.

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When ever I painted a pick-up I would use a cover,(if they change their mind it can be yanked off.).Scuff the cover and,(depending on the image)prime it.For something like pick-ups I use to use waterbased model paints.They will stick to plastic and I would always airbrush.I once had a guy ask me to reproduce a picture by H.R.Geiger on the front of his Jackson King V,oy was that a job.

The other thing to consider with painted pick-ups is damage from the pick.This area is elevated above the body and may suffer from more chipping.

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