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I bought these for a project that im just not gonna do. I bought a cheep rg7 fixed bridge instead, and am not sure if ill even keep that. 2 blaze pickups and an edge


Looking for $80 shipped(us) for the pickup set, 90 for the trem. Open to trades pickups, parts etc...

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Sorry scott, too many projects and too much day job. I've just run into a wall time and money wise. Add to that being married and having my band gig once or twice a week and argh....

I left last nights gig at 1:30am and got to work at 6am...

Im still gonna use the body for refinishing work. Actually im sleepy and dont know what im doing...

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Is there a neck and bridge Blaze pickup, or two bridge pickups? I'm interested in those, and the trem, if Rob doesn't want it. He needs it more than I do.

Sorry dude, Like i said i "NEED" that trem :D

Thanks for the quick settlement B) I'll get it in the post for ya asap

Me So Happy :D


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