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my next project: FLO

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RG 550 or 570 would work. As stated above the 550 is front routed. The 570 is rear routed. The 570 comes with a rosewood board, while the 550 comes with maple. Otherwise they're identical. Both of these guitars were designed as "low cost Jems" so they make a good starting point for any Jemification project.

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bowser !!..

you really love guitar.. ^^

i think your avata is not girl.. it is gutiar body.. ^^

i think guitar lover will love girls.. haha..

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i think a pgm would be overkill

and is it the FLO that has the funky fretwork on it? what exactly is it for?

fret wave, the wavy frets (first 2) are for tuning/intonation issues with e and a chords etc ... Flo also has a vwh neck back on her and no fret wave installed


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On a scale of 1 to 10, I would say an exact copy would be 9.9999999999999 without the correct machinery!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The difference between EVO and FLO originally was that FLO had a fretboard 57mm width at the body end and EVO has a 56mm width. Also, the JEM AANJ neck is slightly deeper at 21.whatever mm, rather than 19mm at the 1st fret.

I would not recommend buying any RG series guitar because the neck dimensions are too thin and would not give such a comfortable feel.

The upside of making your own guitar is that it would be lighter in weight and you can choose your own woods.

EVO timbers - alder body with basswood cap.

FLO timbers - 2 or 3 piece basswood.

The Ibanez Edge is used on the RG550 standard model not Deluxe.


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