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George Lynch Pickup Selector Push/Pull


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You're just trying to do a basic two-pickup switch, right? No coil tapping or anything like that - just the way the kami works?

I can describe the way the push/pull switch works if that would help. Otherwise it will take a bit of time to draw up a diagram. It's a fairly simple way to wire a guitar and most of the trouble is in knowing which pins are for what purpose on the switch.

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yes, thats right- just two pickups-bridge and neck-no coil tapping or something- i'm going to make a guitar that looks as close to the esp kamikazee modells-the real esp custom guitars cost too much.

i'm looking for some painting tips for the custom grapic on that guitar-

does someone have any ideas?!

it would be great if you could draw a wiring diagramm daveq! :D

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I did the same thing for my first guitar but made a few changes to it. I never ended up painting the camo on it though. LGM gave me some tips on painting a camo job like that - I'll see if I can find them somewhere.

I'll try to get a wiring diagram to you soon. How far along are you?

BTW, George is touring with Yngwie - I plan to see them in early april :D:DB)

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