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Lacquering Rosewood fretboard


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Hi guys,

im not far off finishing my bass at this stage so im deep into planning the finish!

I have always preferred the feel of a lacquered fretboard, but by convention rosewood fretboards never seem to be lacquered, is there a reason for this? im sure some of you have thought about this before.... its a real head scratcher for me.

i have noticed in the past that rosewood soaks up the lacquer like a good thing :D which is odd. Is this why its not usually done?

any help appreciated ..... i really want a lacquered rosewood fretboard!


john. B)

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I've lacquerd a couple in the past even though it isn't a common practice.

Rosewood can actually be polished up to a very shiny degree if you take the time to sand it completely with higher and higher grit's and of course add a little oil.

Some people are against it simply because the wood itself is naturally oily and with the wrong piece it could loose adhesion with the paint (rare I think) and chip off easily.

Again the world has many flavors and this one can be one of your's :D

That's part of the beauty about custom's

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