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Finishing up...

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Now that its Spring Break..and my neck is FINALLY nearing completion... i need to start finishing up the 2 bodies I've done.

A few questions:

Brian, in a thread about direct mounting EMGS you said

How's about taking a trip down to the local ACE Hardware or some other that carries a full line of fastener's and grabbing a couple of extra nut's with the same thread along with some copper tubing a little smaller in diameter that the outside but bigger than the screw size.

Drill a shallow hole the size of the copper tubing where the mounting screws should go into the body, solder or epoxy a nut to one end of the tubing then epoxy it into the body at the other end in the hole you just drilled. Repeat for the other side......

That way you have the anchors built into the body so you can adjust the pickup higth and also use the original machined screws,,,,,,

Just a thought  :D

Can you maybe explain this a lil better? Or maybe add some diagrams?

I remember in another thread someone asked about ferrules for neck mounting screws, are these totally necessary? Anyone have a source for ferrules, that isn't stewmac expensive B). Also, how would I calculate good length screws to go thru the neck pocket and neck, but not fretboard. I guess just body thickness + neck thickness? What does everyone else generally use?

Does anyone have any extra mounting screws for EMGs humbuckers. I lost one.

Also, the sleeve thingy for floyds. You know the sleeve that the pivot screw screws into. I don't know if I wanna pull out the ones in my jackson just yet. (Assuming everything goes to crap...i'm just gonna put everything back on my jackson).

Thanks :D

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email EMG about getting new screws. They send you however many you need, as well as a cool emg logo sticker!

As for inserts, I an using them in my bass to attach the pickups (possibly, anyway). I found that they are pretty hard to screw in straight, so instead I am drilling it big, and epoxying them in with JB Weld. However, I don't quite get what Brian is saying. As far as I can tell, it's just a way to make your own threaded inserts... right?

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Do you know if EMGs have some sort of lifetime warranty?

The prongs on the back of one of my81s broke ...i had to resolder them back on :-D and...the solder doesn't hold very well there.

Email Rick Hunt, he's very helpful and will be able to tell you what you want to know:



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i think i get what Brian is saying. so when the copper tubing is in the wood, say 1/2" from the wood plus there is a nut added on the other end of that copper tubing right, so then you can direct mount the EMGs with the correct height in the wood. or in other words, the copper tubing is acting like a bracket, or like a long nut. :D good idea Brian!

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