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What do you recommend?

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I know this isnt in the proper section ill probably get more responses this way. What do you guys recommend for an archtop 700 dollars and lower. i like the carlo robellis, the ibanezs look nice but i have to play them, the epiphone joe pass is real nice but its a little expensive for the features. I love the arias but i dont where to find them. anyone have recommendations?

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Well, what do you prefer?

Sitka or Englemann, maybe a nice Koa or Redwood topper?

Maple-backed or Walnut backed?

Maple or Mahogony neck?

Cross-braced or parallel-braced?

electronics or no electronics?

carved top necessary or is pressed top ply OK?

Ebony or metal TOM bridge?

any preference for a tailpiece...leather tether or big ole' honkin' metal job?

Do you like 16's, 17's, or those big ole' fat-daddy-don't hurt-me 18's?

Roundwounds or Flatwounds you like?

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yeah the artcore was one of the major ideas runnin through.

Drak thanks for all the questions. I prefer an ornate metal bridge, 17 or 18 inch archtop. flatwounds are nice but roundwounds i can deal with too. ebony TOM please. sitka sounds best for me as a top but any of those are fine if you can find it for the price. preferably maple neck. I like a floating pickup. but whatever as long as it has electronics. carved top is necessary those flat topped archtops sound like ass to me.

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As long as you are OK with the floating pkp, then you can find a cross-braced/carved top model, which gives the 'classic' dark jazz archtop sound.

If it has pkps routed into the top, it will be parallel-braced, and probably not give you what you're looking for for a classic archtop sound.

I think an 18 will be too big for you and quickly tire your arm out, you don't look quite big enough yet to handle a fat-daddy 18.

Be armed with this information when you go shopping. :D

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i havent tried out too much. i've tried out the epiphones series and the carlo robellis. my favorite is the carlo robelli manhatten. i dont like the stop piece or the pickguard. but it comes with a hardshell and sounds like a d'angelico bottom end model anyway.

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i recommend that you get down to a guitar shop , and try out every single guitar that you can that fits your description - its a connection, someone can't tell you a guitar that you are going to connect with

[/guitar spirituality bs.] :D

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