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amp question


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ok i was at school today and one of the better guitarists that go there was playing his tele after school. he had a really small like practice/portable amp thing. ive seen these before and theyr pretty cheap, but i thought it would be cool to make one. anyone have any hints as to the best way of going about this??



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I took one of the Fender mini amps, cut it up into individual components, built a small wood cabinet and put in a decent speaker. It's not real loud, but it sounds pretty good, runs of batteries or a transformer and is small. I've played guitar while sitting in the back seat on a long roadtrip. I liked it enough that I bought another one to try some subtle changes, haven't gotten around to it yet.

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i know what you are saying hter DannoG i got one of those mini fenders and the marshall ms2 i took the ms-2 guts out and rewired them with a 2.5watt chip. so it kicks pretty good. thos little minamps are a good investment. but then agin you can make a nice clean amp with a single transistor and a single chip. that will push out around 3-5 watts. all with about 5 resistors and 4 caps.. probally less i dont' have the schematic on me right this second but ifanyone wants to email me i can send it to them. i am running out of space on my website. hmm maybe a tutorial

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