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Hi, I am going to be building in a Fuzz circuit into my guitar when the Fuzz circuit arrives. However, a friend has got the same circuit and has asked me to help him build it in for him. I said yes as a chance to try it out before mine gets here. The circuit has the following wires comming from it:

input to board




my proposal is to do this:

1. disconnect guitar output wire from output jack and connect it to a SPDT switch.

2. One pole of the switch goes to the input to board wire, the other pole of the switch goes to output jack (bypass circuit, regular guitar).

3. +9v wire goes to... well, +9vbattery clip wire, negative part of battery clip goes to output jack.

4. ground wire from circuit foes to ground.

Is this correct? Plus is ground the same as output, if so why not have them going to the same place? Also, the way the battery is connected means that the battery wont be getting used when the guitar is not plugged in, if the guitar is plugged in, no matter whether the fuzz circuit is getting used, the batter is being used? Am I right? If so, could I connect the negative battery clip wire to the same part of the SPDT switch as the guitar output cable so therefore the batter stops getting used when the Fuzz does not get used?

Well thanks for any information guys.

Dave. :DB)

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yeah it would work. fine. but you might get some loading wihtout a truebypass system.. which for around the same money you could get a DPDT swithc.. but it shouldn't make too much difference..

one word of advice though if you use a wireless with this. you need to pad the output down. so you are still geting the distortion effect but pad the hot signal down to just a little over your gutiars nromal outptu otoher wise it can cause nasty sounds from the wireless unit..

my old guitarist uses the distorion i made him on his strap with his wireless unit and the first itme we tried it i didnt' take this into accout.

what distoirton were ya going with.???

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ok thats a cool fuzz i have one of those. well a clone that is..

when you make distortion or fuzz it will increase the output level more than your guitar.. thats what the level is for.. what i am saying is simple..

do you use a wireless if so then you will need to turn the distortion level control down to keep from overloading the wireless unit.. if you dont' have a wireless then dont' worry about it.

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Ah i get you, nothing to do with electronics in the guitar, just to do with the knobs on the Fuzz Factory unit. Although there is no level knob, only volume, drive, gate, stability, compression. But thanks anyway. How would i do this DPDT thing to get true bypass rather than the SPDT switch?

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input to fuzzfactory--* *----FUZZFACTORY OUTPUT

guitar electronics----* *------GUITAR OUTPUT JACK



DAMN PHP weel top left lug is input to ff top right lug is output ff

middle left lug is where you would disconnect the outptu jack from the guitar electronics and middle left is where you would reconnect it..

the bottom two lugs put a piece of wire in there..

if you have any questions email me

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i just use industrial velcro and velcro mine on. much easier than drilling big holes in your guitar

true if you are going to add on a whole fuzz box.. but like the FF and the ones i build. you can mount them on the back of a pot. and stick it thru your tone knob hole.. or even use a push pull pot. but then again.. look at the dude from smashing pumpkins he put his muff on his V all a matter of taste.. i guess

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i was planning on putting a jimi H style fuxx clone into my strat but i decided that it go with a treble booster instead. mainly because i wanted to stick with having three pots on the scratchplate and didnt want it too cluttered.

btw ansil i think it was a small stone that billy corgan had taped to his guitar. i know that it was used on just about every pumpkins song lol

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actually i am unsure of the medal but the one i am loking at was bullet with butterfly wings and on the lead players flying V

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