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Scalloping maple

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Ive scalloped a couple of rosewood boards allready, and im about to do my first maple board. Ive heard its a bit harder than rosewood? Is there anything I should specifically do or not do? Also, once Ive done the normal; remove most of the wood, then smooth it out with progressivly finer grit papers what do I treat the wood with? On rosewood Id normally use lem-oil...

Thanks in advance :D

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Maple usually has a clearcoat, whether it's thick or thin, satin or gloss. It's not usually oiled because that shows dirt very quickly. But EB/MM does it, and so do others. So plan on finishing it when you're done with whatever you're used to or to match what you already have. If you have black dots, be careful that in sanding you don't let the paper get clogged and press black plastic dust into the surrounding maple. That looks bad. For filing, maple is easier than Rosewood because it has a more uniform grain and density. Its going to be easier to put a satin finish on it than to wetsand and buff a gloss finish. Either way, I'd use something that coats like nitro, defthane, or other poly, even water based, instead of an oil. If you like the dirty look then use linseed oil and follow up with paste wax.

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