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locking tuners are a waste of money, because with a FR you shopuld have a locking nut, right? and if 3 a side or 6 in line doesn't matter, only optically

well alot of people prefer a roller nut or graphite nut and a set of locking tuners,which work by the way,not by keeping the tuner from turning(although some also do that) but by locking the string into the tuner,thereby eliminating the need for multiple wraps of the string around the tuner,but i do prefer a locking nut

as i understand it...the screw should be on the side of the tuner facing the body,as that is giving the best leverage against the pull of the string

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when using a floyd rose what type of tuners should i get/do i need

3 and 3?

6 in line?


non locking?


Well, the choice between the 3+3 or 6 inline depends on your headstock design. As for locking tuners or not, that's personal choice. I, and others here, do like locking tuners even when used with a locking nut (very quick string changes and very clean look without the windings around the peg.) The price difference is about $30 US (I think) for a set.

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