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Bridge pad caul

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I want to make one. It sucks using various scraps of wood to do the job.

Look here:


3rd picture down. The clamp with the aluminum caul screwed to it. I want something like that. It's going to be a real bit## trying to measure the bridge pad that's inside the guitar I'm working on, to get the sizes to make a caul.

** Anyone think they know the dimensions of the caul in the pic I mentioned above ?

(I'm going to try to put tapped screw holes in some of my clamps like that too. Can't believe I never thought of that !)


**EDIT : I meant to write bridge PLATE, not pad

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I was just looking at the 'trade secrets' section on the Stew-Mac site, and found a good tip for making these cauls. You glue a piece of styrofoam on a piece of wood, then clamp that inside the body under the bridge, and it makes an imprint of where the braces are.

So, as soon as I do this, it will give me the dimensions of the caul.

What do win for answering my own question ?

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