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More wiring schematics


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Helloo.. Here's the schematic of the wiring I'm planning on using for my project.. Is there anything wrong with it?? Anything that won't work, won't do what it's supposed to, etc?? First time project so if it's not there, I don't know about it.. :D

The general gist of the circuit is actually from DGB Studios but I actually found something a bit wrong with the circuit there so I kinda added my own little mod to it..

Here's what it does (or at least should do):

Switch 1 up, switch 2 up: Neck in parallel

Switch 1 down, switch 2 down: Neck in series

Switch 1 up, switch 2 down: Neck north coil

Switch 1 down, switch 2 up: Neck south coil

Switches 2 and 3 do the same thing, only for the bridge... All 4 switches are DPDT push/pull pots... Oh, and I'll be star-grounding the ground connections.. (Guitar Nuts) Remember, I'm a first timer, so go easy!! Thanks!!


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