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veneers and screw holes

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Maybe take some clear plastic, mark all the holes of the body, veneer it, then put the plastic tracing over the body and mark the holes. I would also maybe use a counter sink bit to get through the veneer to the old hole instead of a drill bit, because I wouldn't want to re-drill the holes, making then off or bigger.

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The pickup ring holes...just fill 'em in with some superglue (or the glue you use for the veneer will probably fill those) and just re-drill them over again, they're not worth trying to save, it's just much faster and easier to make new ones again.

The bridge screw holes can be found by doing some simple measuring off of a known point(s), whatever hingepoint you want to use, doesn't matter...then, when you get close, take something that has kind of a dull point on it and just easily and gently probe and prod the veneer in the spots where you have already determined they should be...don't worry, you'll be able to 'feel' them under the veneer, I doubt your glue will completely fill them.

I've used that way several times, it wasn't a big problem. You can even use a sewing needle to prod with, as you're poking around, you'll never see any evidence of a sewing needle point jabbed into the veneer. :D

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