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Leveling Frets With Sanding Sponge

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I was thinking about trying to level frets with these 3M "sanding sponges", they're spongy blocks with sanding material on all sides. It would seem they would automatically match the radius of the fingerboard because it's soft, and would form to whatever is underneath it. Am I just wrong thinking this? :D

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That would be the problem on a leveling job because they conform to any shape and the idea is for the tops of the frets to be level with one another.

They will work for the initial rounding off (crowning) of the tops though :D

But you'll still need to polish them up.

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It's better to use a piece of sandpaper wrapped around a (hard)wooden block with a nice flat surface.

Preferably a long piece of wood (straight!)

Like Brian said: the soft sponge will conform to any shape so levelling would be impossible.

I also suggest you use that technique in any sanding scenario. If you want to level a wooden surface with dings and pits in it (say an abused guitar body :D never use a soft sponge! you will make the pits even bigger!

soft sanding blocks are ideal to roughen or soften an already flat surface.

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