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Truss Rod

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I read somewhere that the truss rod should be deeper in the center of the neck.

Does any one know why??

And how abaut covering the truss rod channel before placing the fretboard,is it necessery or can I put on the fretboard without covering the truss rod ?

Also does channel of the truss rod has to perfectly fit or can I leave some space so that the truss rod has a bit of movement.

Thanks for any advice.

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I presume you are using a standard single action truss rod (Gibson/fender style) which is essentially a rod with thread on one end.

The channel needs to be deeper in the middle for this type of rod as the rod needs to have shallow curve. Over the top of the rod a filler piece is glued in this has the same curve cut on it. It is placed in the channel and clamped down ,pushing the middle of the rod down to make contact with the bottom of your curved channel. After the glue has dried the filler is cleaned up flush with the top surface of the neck and your fret board glued on top.

Now when you tighten the truss rod nut you will put tension on the (curved) rod which will try to straighten. the centre will push upwards against your filler piece and cause a bending moment in the neck opposite to the moment caused by the string pull. (This principle by the way is used in building bridges and all manner of structural engineering issues)

Try to get as good a fit as you can. I always slip a thin plastic tube over the rod before inserting in the channel, fish tank tubing or insulation sleeve stripped of a piece of thin cable works great. It deadens vibration and stops glue from sticking to the rod as well.


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