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Where to measure Scale Length with Tune o Matic?

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Hey, I'm slightly confused!

I am doing a 24 3/4 " scale, and was wondering if I should measure from the nut to the leading post, the middle saddle, or the trailing post on a tune o matic bridge to achieve the desired scale. I am angleing the bridge back a slight bit.



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I like to position the bridge (all types for that matter) so that the high E has a little room to move forward, but is up towards the front of its travel. And you position off the breaking point of the high E saddle. When a guitar is set up, the high E usually farthest forward, then maybe the D is next. So don't angle it so much that the D can't come forward enough. But somewhere around here is a blueprint style drawing of the angle. Anyway the high E is farthest forward and requires the least intonating compensation. So with medium action, it's right about at the scale length.

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