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POSSIBLE figured Maple sales

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Today at work the owner of the bussiness told me a guy came into the place sometime saying he was clearcutting his property and had about an 8' log of figured maple that he wanted to unload. The owner said the guy had a mill and was gonna cut it up and kiln dry it and bring it back to sell. I told the owner I would be very intersted in seeing it, and maybe buying some...he kinda didn't say anything about actually letting me see it or get in on buying any... :D he was telling me earlier how he bought a huge board of Mahogany forlike $500 and sold it to a guy for $1000 or something. I'm thinking he may buy-up all the maple just to go and sell it...he is a bussinessman :D ...I was thinking about it at work later, and was thinking of a deal where the owner gives me first dibbs on what pieces I want, and in return I help him sell what he wants to unload for $$$ to, well, maybe some of you guys if you're interested B) , or on eBay or something.

BTW, I didn't ask what kind of Maple it was, so I don't know what the figuring will be, or even the grade. Ie, Rock Maple has Birdseye, while Western tends to go Flamed or Quilted...nor did I ask how the log was being cut, or how much the guys wants and how much there actually is...We'll see...(Fingers crossed for AAAAA-Quilting and Flaming) :D

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I asked today, he said something like the guy was coming back in a few weeks or so. The guy has to mill the log and kiln dry it.

Also, the owner said it was WESTERN Maple, the kind that usually goes QUILTED and FLAMED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

BTW, I haven't mentioned anything about my 'deal' I came up with...but who knows, maybe he won't even tell me when the guy is coming in so he can get it all...

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