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How do you work out & know exactly where to put the pickups in a solid body.

Is there some kind of measurements or formula to work it all out . How criticle would these be if any.Any other info would be appreciated.

You can tell that this is my first attempt and I am learning from scratch

Thanks AGAIN in advance.



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Another thing you could do is walk into a local music store with a tapemeasure and a note pad, write down the measurements for the setups that you like. Just keep in mind that depending on scale length and the number frets will determine how much space you have for your pickups.

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Keep in mind that when Fender, Gibson, Ric, etc., were choosing where to put their PUPs, they had put them where customers might want them. Not where they personally might want them. On the other hand, I bet they did enough experimentation to know where NOT to put them.

Guitar Ed

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You could do like some people do, and slide the pickup around underneath the string until you find the tone that you like.

uh...i don't think i've ever seen or heard of anyone doing that.

how would you even go about doing that? mounting the mount on a sliding rig or something?

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