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Working on my first. The photos should give you an idea of the progress. Have some more routing to do: binding channel for some purely decorative binding and I think I'll take a 1/2" round to part of the back edge. Looks too thick in its current state. Also, I'll do a JS/Radius job on the heel joint. Comments, suggestions? I apologize for the size of the photos. Did my best!


El Dangerouso




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Absolutely, it's my first. Just taking my time.

Dead on on the wood and neck: Alder with an old Jackson. Carving ideas partially stolen from the Parker Fly Mojo, as is clearly the general body shape.

Thanks for looking.

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Wellllll......I'm not a huge Parker fan. I grew up in Fullerton, CA, the birthplace of Fender. I've pretty much played Fender and Ibanez (including a couple I pieced together from parts) all my life. For this one, I thought I might go a little different. I've always liked the look of Parkers, although I have to admit I like the feel of the P series better than the Fly. I will put the Graph Tech Ghost in, so the bridge saddles will have to go to black, another nod to Parker.

For the finish....the body will get the cream binding (again just for show, the body is all alder) and the color will be a vintage Fender Copper Tone Metallic, hopefully it will work well with the chrome hardware (pennies and dimes). The headstock will get some Fender neck Amber and a custom decal a la Bill Jehle's tutorial.

Can anyone pick out how many tutorials that will total my taking advantage of?

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great work! I'm working on my first bass right now too, but I'm not venturing into anything that complex.

[edit] Okay, fine, have your nice clean family (or at least Weezerboy) friendly forum!

:D Just kidding, just kidding...

Anyway, excellent job, especially seeing that it's your first.

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Guest Litchfield Custom Gutars
weezerboy, with over 2000 posts, don't you think that maybe you should start building sometime soon, this being a guitar-building forum and all?

That may or may not be so, but I say keep comment like that in the slam thread.

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