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audio vs.linear taper

twang dang

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:D I need info about the characteristics of both types of pots & their significance in both vol.&tone in passive guitar circuitry.I know I like audio for vol.[boost from 7 to 10]but what about tone?Seems like I've used linear for tone before,but got no cut until last 1/3rd of pots rotation.
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i use linear for everything on my guitars.. and wel for my pedals too. it just feels right to me.. hmm but on one of my favorite production guitar it is the ibanez jem white one. i think it aoriginal used 250k audio.. i know th efirst ones used 250l but i dont' know the taper.. cause irem vai saying they changed them out on evo and pogo to 500's and i liked the feel of the 250's but for all my personal axes even the jems and universes i have had i usually put in linears pretty quick. but hten i change pickups and all the elctronics prety quick too..

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