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Lady of the lake finally done.


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Here it is finally.

The engraving alone took almost 15 hours. I'm not totally happy with it, but it's my first shot at a fully engraved face.

Theoretically you get better each time :D

Guess I need to do a few more!

Materials are solid gold, black pearl, MOP, gold pearl, silver dust, silver, pipestone, red abalone.

Thanks for looking.





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The hair is pipestone. It's also heavily engraved.


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i just had a sex wee

man....argh i can't actually think of anything to fully account for the workman ship on that


damn fine job man

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Hi Guys and thanks..

Can't sell this one, it's going on a Dave Howard guitar for Dave himself.

In fact the "lady" Is Dave's wife. That's why she looks specific, and is not just any woman figure. I worked off of actual modeled photos from her to do the face and body engraving.

Of course I can do these for anyone, but they are not cheap.. This one took well over 50 hours in total, including design, art, concept art, piecing, cutting, routing, leveling, repairing the old positon marker holes with ebony, and engraving around all the pieces to bolden it, and then engraving the body details, then adding the gold and silver dust effects.

I don't post here to get commissions, everyone here does thier own work for the most part.

I just like the atmosphere and the friendly attitudes. I hope to help as well.

This is one of the most time consuming inlays I have ever done.

The body is a modified mockingbird shape, and it's getting a dragon on the font. It's should be pretty cool.

I am in the middle of another 6 or so projects. I'll post photos when I can.

Thanks again for all your support!



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I wasn't dare going to post price info online! Don't worry. :D

The funny thing about these inlays is while they are so much fun for me to make, few people can afford the really out there ones.. I guess I just make them to see what I can do next..

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Yeow, you really got somethig going there. Beautifull.

About the pipestone. Did you need to protect it with any kind of finish? I know pipestone varies in hardness but even the hardest will scratch if you look at it wrong. I've worked with some that was porus enough to soak up a little CA, was that an option with yours?

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Thanks Guys.

The pipestone is a recon stone - it's basically real pipestone crushed and added/mixed with a glue resin. It cuts fairly clean, and it glues up and sands equally well. No absorbance because it's already a glue mix.

All the recon stones work that way.


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