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Sealer or Primer or Both?

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I just painted a guitar and went with primer, then the acrylic. After spraying the primer, you could see little holes. I just used more primer, then paint. Even after I was done with paint, the holes were still there. I don't want that to happen again, so should I seal it first? After I seal it, is the primer still needed, or do I paint it after sealing?

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ok i'm noob but here it goes..

1.cut out and sand you body{guitar body}

2.use wood filler if needed let dry sand even and smooth

3.use sand sealer for sure ..let dry then use 300 to 400 grit sandpaper and sand away all shinny spots dont go thur sealer{or try not to}make all smooth and not shinny..

4.primer if need promer is so wood grain doesnt show thur paint and less base coat paint is needed..let dry sand with 400 to 600 grit

5.apply base coat try not to do any sanding if practice paint it want be needed

6.anything else needed befor clear coat likew other colours{whatever}

7.apply clear coats{like 15 or more} then sand with WET sandpaper from 400,600,800 all way up to 2000 grit {dont go thur the clear coat{this is why you use alot of clear coat} be sure to sand over each previus{sp} :D sand marks

8.buff and polish ...

like i said i'm a nood if anyone else would like to add something or do a better step by step on paint plz do..

good luck and don't mess it up.... B):D:D

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