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DiMarzio pickup colours - no two the same


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So, I ordered two DiMarzio Evolutions (one neck one bridge) from my local shop. They have to be specially ordered from DiMarzio because I want them both in pink. When I get them, the bridge on is a very translucent pink, but the neck one is a much more opaque salmon pink. They look absolutely crap together even though they share the same colour code. (DP159PK and DP158PK). Still, soon sorted that out with some flourescent pink spray paint.

I also hear that DiMarzio (for the UK at least) are ceasing production of funky pickup colours. Don't know if this is gospel, but it's a good thing if they do seeing as they can't even make two that match.


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Here's the contact page for DiMarzio:


I suggest an email to them explaining your issues. They have great customer service. Put in the email "Attn: Erik or Steve".

Just don't call him 'Mr. Blucher'. :-)

Next time I talk to the folks up there, I'll ask about the color situation. For now, I'd call it a lame rumor.

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Di Marzio do have great customer service! I picked up a twenty year old Di Marzio pickup for about $5 e-mailed them with the description and in a few hours they came back with the identity, wiring colour code, what pots to use etc


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