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Buffing compounds

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Are there any poor boy methods.Something I could by at canadian tire or something.

Canadian tire has all kinds of different meguiars stuff,but i don't know what to use. :D Please

Well,I went and bought Megiuars fine polish #2 and hand buffed it.It looks beautiful except that there are those tiny TINY scratches.i think they came from me using a piece of flannel instead of a proper buffer B) Would a swirl remover work or should I just use the RIGHT material.OR Do i just have to keep going :D

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Meguiars showroom glaze is apparently the mutts nuts for removing tiny scratches. I believe it is either #7 or #9. I've been doing my buffing with a cloth and Rustin's burnishing cream - it works great, but I do still have some *very* tiny scratches which show up in very good lighting. I plan to get my hands on some of the showroom glaze and see how it works out... expect reports and pics once I do.

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I'm in the same boat.

I was wondering if the wet sanding could have helped. I went to 2000 grit on the wet sand, because not even the professional auto paint shops carry anything higher.

I have the tiny scatches. Can a rubbing compound get those out? Do I need to find different levels of compound to use?

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