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Saddle placement,Edge trem . Ibanez

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Ill explain more but only if some one knows how to build floating edge tremalo intonation perfection Cuz I Dont ! I really dont want to destroy a 900$ get it locked , dont ever tune again , Im sick of retuning Just because Im playing something that shouldve been played on a locked tremalo knife edge!! I love this thing and I dont want to break it .HELP Im not paying to have someone Do my Bitch . Ill take care of her.

Knife edge

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I got this one guys, no problem:

What you have to do is screwturn the right slot up the bolt angle. then when U feel it crank the metal, shave off the bottom shaft. Retune the accessory with the fret marker until you see the plating come off the receptacle. That way you'll know the graphites have tremolo. The knife angle needs to be hardened also. Reset the action to the string height with the camshaft, turn the trem claw and you're done!

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