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fretboard radius jig


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I have a 6" x 48" floor model belt sander, and wondered if anyone had experience using something like that to do the initial radius on fretboards. If so, what type jig do you use? I have bought pre-radiused fretboards in the past but want to do some inlay on the next few and thought it would be easier to inlay on a flat board then radius it. I have radius sanding blocks if that is th best option.

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rhoads was going to, or has built one i think, you basicly hang the fingerboard over the sander and swing it back and forth on a set of arms the length that you want your radius to be.

depending on the radius of the board, you can or can't get away with inlaying flat and then putting the radius in the board. i'm not inlay pro though so i'll leave that one...

I use sanding blocks with some good old 24 grit though :D then my straight edge bar with some sandpaper stuck to it..

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