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For the Canadians

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I've been looking through the usual websites that people talk about on here-- StewMac, Warmoth, Universaljems, LMI, etc., but I'm wondering if there's a Canadian source that might stock supplies for similar prices and cheaper shipping.

I'm starting right from scratch, so I will be needing--

1. Appropriate woods

2. Luthier tools (for slotting nuts, radiusing, etc.-- I have enough power tools to start)

3. Hardware such as pots, bridges, tuners, etc.

I don't really need recommendations for specific brands or anything like that, but I'm curious about where the Canadians on this site get their supplies and materials.



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1. east coast speicalty hardwoods, located in dartmouth (halifax) nova scotia about 10 minutes away..

2. stew mac

3. shop around, usualy US independant parts dealers like the brain on this forum who runs universaljems.com

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Thanks for those. Didn't notice I had another reply until today. :D Isn't there a "view my posts" function that's not so buried? B)

I contacted Windsor in Thunder Bay, and they directed me to this site:

A & M Specialty Woods.

It's located in Ontario, but since they ship and sell to the U.S., there'd obviously be no problems sending stuff out West, as well. Anyhow, it's another one for everyone to check out at least. They carry a limited range of binding, inlay, fretwire, and hardware as well.

I'm still on the lookout for other Canadian places that sell hardware, if anybody knows of one. The problem with using Warmoth and/or Stewmac is that to get the hardware I want, I'd need to order from BOTH places, so my shipping/customs costs go up. :D


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unfortunetly there's not really a way around that, you just gotta suck it up and place 2 big orders at both places.... so take your time and plan out everything you need

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Yeah, I'm starting to think you're right about that.

Right now I'm a bit bogged down by selecting a bridge and colour of hardware... but the shopping list is coming together bit by bit.

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