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Ibanez PGM


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I just found these and theyre really nice looking. Are they just an RG shape or is it different? If i did get one, i was gonna do the f-holes white and the body dark blue. Would look awesome with some white binding aswell

EDIT : Im talking about the PGM 30

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Great Guitars!!!

Just remember there are a few thing different about them tho.

They have the reversed Jem style input jack and the pots and 5 way switch are also in a different spot too.

Youll need to do a re-top of the body......no big deal I guess, just follow the tutorial page.

A good place to start would be with an RG 570. You may have to find a left handed RG neck as well.

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Jems and high end ibanez guitars have a reversed input jack, check the Jem conversion tutorial section for pics of how to do it.


.........care of our fearless leader Brian.


Any RG higher than an RG550 has the same rear routing as the Jems etc, so converting the jack socket is as easy as plugging the old hole and drilling a new one into the same cavety.

I guess you could plug the holes and drill new ones but that depends how 'pro' you want the finished product to be. If its just a beater, sure go ahead and plug em, but if it was my guitar Id retop it. It wont take more than a weekend to do and at least its done properly.

Ive taken the quick and easy way out too many times, so trust me :D ....................youll be kicking yourself later for not spending the extra time to do it right.

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PGM's are great! I have 4!! :D

They are the RG shape. Volume is way back, out of the way. The 5 way selector is in a different position as well. The output jack is straight out as opposed to the angled jack Bear mentioned above. Not in the same place as a standard RG, but still no angle.

I'm working on supplying PGM's to the masses B)

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