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Hi guys, not sure if this is the correct place but i thought i'd just tell all you south UK based peeps about TIMBERLINE. I went there this weekend to get wood for my first project and thought they deserved a mention. Basically the guy know what he's on about and the place is packed with prepeared wood, unprepared wood, veneers of every type, acoustic guitar bits (sides,backs,fronts, sound bourds, seperate or in packs) pre cut fretboards, everything!

I went with my dad who is a woodworker and we got 10ft of 2in by 8in mahogany and 10ft of 1in by 15-20in flamed maple - pics to follow.

Basically i thought this guy deserved a mention as it can be hard to find decent places or people so its thanks to - TIMBERLINE in Tonbridge Kent

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Nice one Jon, suppliers around the UK are few and far between.

It might be worth you having a look at David Dyke for tools and bits - expensive but good quality from what I've heard.

Touchstone Tonewoods are also good for wood and bits - I've ordered a few bit's and pieces from them with no problems, good geezers and a good web site too.

I got my wood from Craft Supplies near Buxton (in the Peak District where they still howl at the moon and burn witches B) ) Cheap and cheerfull with some quite good bit's and pieces. I don't think they have too much on the website, but it's worth phoning and getting a catalouge sent thorugh. i got all my hardware from here for the bargin price of nothing as they forgot to charge me :D . I feel a bit guilty about that though so I'm going to buy most of the stuff I need for future projects from there.

post pics soon dude.

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nice one man, this is actually quite useful. at some point we should actually put together a decent list of UK suppliers for guitar building stuff. would make life much easier

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Just to add to this list, I got the ash I've been using from http://www.guitarspares.com they sell a couple of woods in the required sizes, I was a little bit dissapointed with the way mine was when it arrived, lots of planing needed but it tidied up well. I get the feeling I could find the wood cheaper at a timber yard though.

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