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Wood Moisture levels

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Hi all,

I found a good wood source in the Ottawa area called... er... "The Wood Source"...

They carry everything I could need for wood, including 3 different kinds of wood already cut into the right size for fingerboards (that toxic cocobolo stuff may end up being my first purchase <shudder in fear>). What I'm wondering is--

What are acceptable tolerances for moisture levels for guitar bodies and necks? The store says their stuff tends to have about 9% or so, which seemed pretty high. He recommended a guy with a kiln in case I need to dry things further, but obviously that means waiting a lot longer before I can start working on an instrument. ( :D ).

Any thoughts?


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So, is 9% within tolerable limits, or should I be getting it drier?

If I HAD to decide today, I'd hold off on the wood and try to find something with less moisture...

But since I DON'T have to decide today, does anybody else have a strong opinion?



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